Support / DevSecOps

We understand the stakes involved in a critical system going down, your payment provider is failing, or you just see the dreaded 500 error. We are here to help. If you're in trouble, contact us.

We offer any support, at any level you require. We have experience providing full IT support for all areas of a business to consulting on be-spoke areas of our customers infrastructure. With our long history of experience we can very often deal with out dated software without the interruption of your current team. Our experience comes from working with Gambling companies, standard CMS company sites to e-Commerce. Depending on your business, your exposure to risks such as server down time downtime, coruption, payment gateway failure can be detrimental, not to mention your brand and quality of service can be damage at a moment. We understand the areas of systems which are often vulnerable and have counter measures in place to mitigate potential problems which can arise.

Servers / Hosting / Backup solutions

From dedicated to virtualised, our hosting or your own, AWS to Digital Ocean we can help with setup and configuration, provide our expertise built from experience. We can create automated scripts to perform backup to and from anywhere.

IT Solutions

We can remotley run your IT systems for you or help you manage 3rd party business applications providing support for your staff. You may wish to bring your systems in-house or out source, or simply relocate. Just let us know what your requirements are. You may need to setup VPNs for your remote working staff? Solve centrlised 3rd application problems with 3rd part applications such as Revit, or create a general office drive which is not Dropbox or Google drive which is synced and backed up at the CEOs house. Its all doable.

General Support

Need to speak to a human? Integrate us at any level at your business, we can help you scale your team with any IT support help they need.

API out of date?

From your payment provider to Twitter, should you require and API update, we can help.

How we support

We are humans, and talk to people like humans. We understand clients come face to face with IT everyday with different levels of experience. However you or your staff wish to communicate with us, whether thats phone, email, Skype, Slack, Signal, WhatsApp, Teams, Zoom, Jitsi, Hangouts, FaceTime, AOL we are here.

Straight Answers

If something can be done, we'll say. If it can't be done, we'll say. If we can't do it, we'll say. If there are better ways than we can possibly do it, we'll say. We are not in the business of causing stress to our clients or ourselves. We just want to do good work. We have worked with clients before on things we've not done before, we've been honest. We exist as we do and we have a passion to create be-spoke applications as traditional IT and software engineers.

Always here

You got trouble? You can call us and talk. No 1st line support, no online issue forms to complete. We'll aim to help you as soon as we possibly can. You may a team made up of office and home working staff, we can help and assist both. Worse case we can turn up at phsyically assist.


If you want to understand, we can explain. Some clients generally would like to know how something works, (others don't care as long as it does). He can help you or your staff with processes or documentation of your setup whether we have created it or discovered it with you. Documentation of your systems gives you the flexiblity of either taking your system in house or reduce your own costs if you can resolve an issue yourself. It allows people to 'hit the ground' running, and is generally a good business ethic and has value to your business.


We can manually monitor or build systems in place to keep an eye on things. Most of the time we can point out good 3rd party services which can help with most applications, however, if its a be-spoke system hidden deep within your network, we can help.

Dev Ops, Backup, Redundency and Maximum Availability Solutions

Bare setups ready for your own devs. We can help work with you team. We can insure that your systems are backed up, running smoothly so should the worst happen, system are in place to either take over, or minium downtime occures inorder to get you backup and running. Master / slave setups, load balancing can be done easy cost effectly nowadays.


We can create master slave database setups with servers around the world. We've done this for clients to help improve not just backup, but increase data performance with nodes around the world.

File Systems

Provide any storage solution, backed up, synced by configuring dedicated hardware (NAS).

Backups / Redundency

We can apply any number of solutions with pro/cons to any setup. Whether this involves simply scripts to move data around, to a full scalable Kurbinates solution with your Docker containers. We can even look to containerise your current system so it can be deployed and scaled at a moments notice.

Dedicated, Virtulised, Containerised?

Depending on your needs we don't just go for the lastest buzz word. Sometimes old is still good. We can control and maintain any environment from dedicated environments, virtulised or container driven applications. If you are wondering which, ask us a 2nd opinion, even if if you don't intend to use us, we always love to know other architecture designs.

To give you an idea, here are a few things we've done...

When we say we do be-spoke systems here is a few off requests we've had.

Our site need to work in China!

A client (another agency) was having intermittent issues with one of their clients, serving a WordPress website globally, including China. After much negotiation with a Chinese hosting company, we where able to create and setup a slave version of the main site, which was kept upto date by the master version and serve China with this version.

I want a copy of my company here

A CEO of a e-Commerce company wanted a remote copy of everything from his company documents, databases, source code and live assets all stored within his own control. We created a backup solution to store everything should the worse happen in his double garage.

DDos Prevention

A client was constantly taking fraudulent users and constantly getting scanned for potential vulnerabilities on their servers. By automatically blocking IP's and sending a message to their internal Slack channel is what they wanted, which they got.

How we can help your business? Email: