Android and IOS Apps

Built for your users

Using the latest technologies and research of your users, we will advise you the best approach with regards to user interface, journey and features as well as the best technical solution. We continually work with you and your users to refine your mobile app and achieve success. Collaboration is key.

Cross Platform APPs

Cross Platform apps take full advantage of code that can be shared between IOS and Android which makes development faster and easier to maintain. HTML5, react native and Apache Cordova are the most widely used technologies for non-native apps. These allow your app to interact with a phone’s features (camera, filesystem etc) .

React Native

An open-source mobile framework created by Facebook, react native is a popular choice for a cross platform mobile app. When using React Native we can leverage knowledge of React JS used by your front end app.

Apache Cordova

Another open-source mobile framework owned by Adobe Systems, Apache Cordova (PhoneGap) is very easy to use and set setup.

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