Bespoke Admin Systems

Business software applications

We work with you to build the system that will make the most impact for your business.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Not only do we provide professional web services using Wordpress and Drupal, but we can also provide you with a completely bespoke CMS or make new additions to your existing CMS.

CRM & ERP Systems

If your business is complex, and you need to cut costs and streamline your processes, we can provide bespoke or "off the shelf" platforms to aid you. This could be anything from warehousing/inventory systems to customer relationship management systems.

Learning Platforms

These days, more and more people are learning remotely using videos, presentations, slides etc. Tracking and managing these systems is key and is one of our specialities. Dwelltime (a university learning system) is such a system we have produced in the past and has been successfully used in The University of Liverpool and The University of Manchester.

Factory & production systems

Do you want your production line to be more efficient (saving you money) and produce a better quality product (getting you more business) then we can help with that too. We are experienced in providing quality assurance, progress tracking, staff training tracking and delivery tracking systems.

Automotive Platforms

We have lots of experience with past clients in the automotive sector, detailing with Garages and engine calibration providers.

Quality Assurance Systems

We know quality matters most to many clients. We have hand on experience of factory floors and to pain points with checking quality and accountability.

Asset Management Systems

Do you own a business with a production line and need help tracking various components in-case of failure, for replacement parts? We have done this before.


When building software applications, we make sure we use the best technologies available to provide maximum value to you. Below is a list of some of the technologies we frequently use.


We have been building systems using Symfony for years. We still support Symfony version 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to present day. Highly customizable and testable, we can build just about anything in Symfony including bespoke systems, CMSs, online shops etc.


Another great option for bespoke solutions is Laravel. It provides rapid development and is a joy to work with. Fast for prototyping.

Node (reactjs, expressjs, nestjs)

For apps and systems which need to preform fast node js is a good option. Fast to develop with with lots of libraries, we can build both front-end and back-end apps with node js. Ideal for fast, responsive apps that can be used with both a desktop web app (such as reactjs) and mobile apps.


We use Flutter for most mobile apps we build as it allows us to simply maintain one code base to produce mobile apps for both IOS and Android.

MySQL, Mongo DB, Firebase

Most of the time we need to store a lot of data and have rapid access to it. Using a combination of both Relational database engines and schemaless engines we can adapt to the situation at hand.

APIs & Integrations

API Service

If you have an existing system or a large amount of data you wish to serve to a 3rd party, we can help you build an API to make that happen. This can consist of simple CRUD operations (create read update delete) or could also include other processes with these actions (like sending emails, updating data etc).

API Client

Do you need to use a 3rd party service as part of your system? An example could be a payment provider, address lookup or other such service. We can help you implement a consuming client to make this happen.

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