API Integrations

We have connected to Payment Gateways (Stripe, Paypal etc), social networks, email providers (Mailchimp etc), shipping services (UPS etc), sms providers, KYC systems (e.g. Onfido, MangoPay), banking applications, Slack, Jitsu and many more.

No matter what systems you have in place, we can create the end points required, or work with your current developers to build a solution towards API end points. We can help you bring to separate systems together, even built in different languages. Sometimes we relie on other APIs such as payment gateways and shipping. Sometimes these let us down. We tactfully multi-thread API requests should any be delayed or unavailable, or application can continue on while the API service deals with the issue.

Stripe / Paypal / MangoPay

We have been involved with Stripes API since its conception with their v1 API. Stripe is a 'shoot from the hip' choice of payment providers, but sometimes not always the case, determined by what jurisdiction you wish to run your platform we have plugged into most payment providers.

KYC / Customer Verification

Want to check your customers first? For legal or stratigic reasons? We have integrated with 3rd parties to develop a customer onboarding path with full KYC checking before access is granted or limited to your users.


Send 3kg - 7.5kg parcels on Tuesday afternoons to this shipping provider? Yes, we've dealt with the craziest shipping rules with all the UK big shipping distributors. Also add a custom labeling system on the end of that too.

E-commerce Migrations

No matter what commerce system you are running, we can retrieve your data at database level and migrate it into the latest (or be-spoke) e-Commerce platform. Once we understand your database schema, we can query your database nativley to format the data to be imported into any number of e-Commerce platforms available. Along side data migrations, moving assets and other requirements is normally straight forward. Depending on what your service or products are, certain e-Commerce systems are better than others. If you only sell a small range or full hit e-Commerce with POS integration we can advise and develop it.

Migrating Magento 1 to Magento 2

If you are running a legacy version of Megento, we can get up upgraded. We have done many migrations in the past from Magento 1 to 2.

Migrating to or from WooCommerce

Maybe you've outgrown WooCommerce and need more from your e-Commerce platform? We've helped customers move from WooCommerce to other bigger self hosted solutions such as Magento.

Migrating to or from Shopify

Want to move your shop to shopify? We can help you do this, gathering all your existing data about customers, products etc and importing them to Shopify.

Migrating to or from Wordpress

More from than to, but yes, we understand the princlipes of WordPress and how the plugins 'shoe-horn' functionality in.

Bespoke Migrations

We love these projects! If you want a lot of be-spoke functionality, or complelty ground up e-Commerce system, with POS, logistics etc built in, please get in touch.

How we can help your business? Email: hello@redfiredigital.uk